Singing is awesome. Let Damien help you get the most out of your voice.

Singing should be fun, but singing exercises can be boring - duh... so Damien makes backing tracks for you and provides ones that suit the specific range of your voice. You can then do your warm ups just by turning up the volume and singing along.

He also records your lessons. You get to keep these and to monitor your progress and ensure you understand the information.

From physiology and technique, performance confidence, developing musicality, how to approach vocal recording, writing and performing originals, working on crazy vocal sounds or just having a sing song, Damien knows he can show you some cool things about your voice, and how to improve it.

Damien has been singing and accompanying singers professionally for 10 years so knows the ropes. He won't force repertoire on you unless you need a song to sing.

Sing the songs you love, and learn how to make them sound better....

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