Piano / Keyboards tuition and skills improvement

Damien teaches piano for fun and enjoyment. You don't have to be amazing at an instrument to be able to play.

He can show you how to play songs at your level, and you'll work from there.

  He will ensure you understand music in a way that is clear and easy, and how to go at your own pace.

If you read music, great!  If you don't, Damien can teach you - even if you think you can't learn it…

Beginners get to play musically straight away, and you'll study all important aspects of piano playing - together - including:
music theory, technique, rhythm, aural skills, reading music, groove and feel.

Damien also composes/arranges and produces songs for students based on their level and interest in certain genres.

This fee is incorporated into the lesson cost in most cases.

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